GKCloud Applications

1) Smart City Cloud Solutions
SISDC Cloud, cooperating with solution providers in the areas of smart transportation, smart medical system, smart tourism and smart government, constructs the whole framework of the smart city, with easy-to-use infrastructure, efficient city management, integration of public service, and rapid development of smart industries. An innovative smart city mode is developed through information process.


2) Innovative Media Cloud Solutions
Cooperating with innovative media IT service providers to build private hybrid cloud services including IT media and television media resource gathering, processing, storage management, distribution, smart management. To deal with the challenge in the transformation from traditional broadcasting to media convergence.


3)  Enterprise- Level Cloud Solutions
Cooperating with world-class comprehensive information technology service and solution providers to jointly implement and manage a robust private hybrid cloud environment, and help end customers to build entire technology, occupying the leading position and accumulating rich experience, to help customers build high secure business solutions and create new values.